Silver The Root Christmas Tree Stand

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2 995 kr

At last! A natural, organically formed Christmas tree stand that compliments your tree perfectly. With its twisting, mesmerising root design and strong, stable construction, it's already destined to become a holiday classic.

This heavy duty stand is cast in aluminium with solid brass screws, it is rust resistant, sturdy and durable.

The screw-in braces in brass are very easy to use, the extra spike which is included helps you tighten easily if needed.

The Tree Foot comes in four colors - creme white, matte black, silver and gold.

This tree stand will include lots of compliments from your Christmas guests this holiday and many more to come.

Fits trees from 1,4″ trunk up to a 4,5″ trunk / Fits trees from 3,5 cm trunk up to a 10 cm trunk.


Width 50  cm / 19,7 inches.

Height 17 cm / 6,7 inches.

Weight: 4 kilos.