Balloon Vase Medium Clear

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A renowned balloon-shaped Ferris wheel inside the Tivoli Gardens inspired the round shapes of the Balloon vase series, made of hand-blown glass. Elliptic, soft shapes give it a playful and delicate expression.

The Balloon vase comes in three different versions that vary in height and shape, giving each vase its own characteristics. Transparent glass allows bouquets and flower stems to be visible inside the vase, creating a charming atmosphere of fresh flowers in the decor.

Available in clear glass or a color range of pale blue, warm gray and caramel, the Balloon vase is beautiful with or without flowers. Place a single vase as a statement piece on the table or arrange a group of vases for a striking look.

Size & Weight:

H: 19 x Ø: 21 cm
1,2 kg

Product Information:

Mouth-blown clear glass.