Garden Fountain Lying Frog

I lager.

1 500 kr

A small bronze frog fountain with included pump, hose and Shell Barrel.

Probably the market's smallest frog fountain and unexpectedly powerful.

This kit includes everything you need, you can get started in five minutes!

The pump requires only about 4 cm water depth. Also suitable indoors.

The length of the frog is 11 cm.

Pump 150 l / hour.

Shell barrel in bronzed aluminum - with a small frog fountain, or as a water glitter with floating candles or a couple of rosebuds. Nice also as a birdbath.

Withstands standing outside in the rain. The surface is oxidized - not painted - to withstand weather & wind.


47 cm x 41 cm and 8 cm deep.

1.2 kilos.

Remember to keep the water clean of debris and sludge. If you want to decorate with stones and other things - wash them first, otherwise the pump can be clogged.

The pump runs with EU outlet