I lager.

850 kr

This padded winter parka in light blue has an elegant shiny quality contrasted with faux fur details. It is designed with a detachable hood, raglan sleeves, an adjustable waist for extra protection, and side pockets. A heart-shaped patch with a text reading: "blah blah blah" decorates the chest. The jacket is water repellent thanks to BIONIC-FINISH® ECO coating.

This jacket has a water-repellent BIONIC-FINISH® ECO coating. In most water-repellent coatings on the market today the use of fluorocarbons is a rule rather than an exception. These chemicals decompose very slowly in nature, are easily spread and nowadays found worldwide. They impair reproductive ability and are also suspected to cause cancer. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is made with an alternative technique and is not only free from PFC and fluorocarbons but also from formaldehyde and paraffin.

The recycled materials used to make this jacket are GRS certified which ensures that the fabric consists of recycled materials made from, for example, PET soda bottles, discarded fishnets and used clothes. GRS is the strictest certification for recycled materials on the market today and includes rigid controls of especially chemical use and tracking, but also working conditions.