Tivoli Tower Building Blocks

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The Tower building blocks are inspired by the playful shapes and colors of the legendary Copenhagen Tivoli.

In autumn 2018, the Danish design company Normann Copenhagen and the legendary Copenhagen theme park Tivoli launched the joint brand Tivoli by Normann Copenhagen. Tivoli was founded in 1843 and is located between the city center and the central railway station. The park fascinates by its nostalgic merry-go-rounds and the varied experience gastronomy. Furthermore, it is characterized by many cultural events. 

Bring the Tivoli feeling home with design objects by Normann Copenhagen.

In Denmark there is a proud tradition of decorating with wooden figures to create a cozy atmosphere in the interior. Each of the Tale figurines from the Tivoli collection tells a unique story of world-famous fairy tales, of Danish culture and literature. The small figurines are made of turned oak, whereupon each individual figurine is hand painted.