Mesh Utility Knife Steel

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285 kr

Mesh is an aesthetic series of kitchen knives, hand-welded from 100 % stainless steel.

With its practical size, the utility knife can be used for all your daily chopping and slicing tasks. The lattice pattern provides a secure grip on the knife and adds character to the design.

Soft contours and adorned grips add style to kitchen essentials in Simon Legald's design Mesh. Mesh is an aesthetic series of kitchen knives with a delicate lattice pattern, which appears as a natural part of the knife. The refined embossing embraces the handle like a subtle skin and provides a secure grip on the knife.

Behind the Mesh series’ elegant appearance lies a carefully considered design of the knife as a user-friendly tool. The handle's capsule shape sits comfortably in your hand, and the weight balance between the grip and blade is finely tuned. The gentle curvature of the shaft feels comfortable against your palm, even when applying pressure to the knife.

Designed by Simon Legald.

This product cannot be sold to any person under the age of 18.