Fantasy Figurines Knight Warm Grey/Black

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350 kr

Fantasy Figurines Knight Warm Grey/Black

Let your imagination run wild with the fantastic five Fantasy Figurines consisting of the King, the Commander, the Prince, the Princess and the Knight.

Why not make your workspace a little more cheerful and let the Knight be a paperweight on your desk. He really does the trick.

The minimalistic design is brought alive through colorful suits and diverse proportions that bring out the individual expression of each figurine. Made of solid concrete, the Fantasy Figurines have a considerable weight, which adds a surprising effect, given their delicate shapes.

Let the whimsical characters add a royal charm and magic to the interior. Place them together as a group or pick your favorite persona to bring home.

Painted Concrete

Size & Weight:
H: 18 x W: 7,5 x D: 6,5 cm
0,65 kg

Product Information:
Made in concrete with a painted surface.